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Why Choose GuideRock?


The founding group has over 60 years of financial services experience. Nearly all of that time has been dedicated to helping businesses navigate their financing options.


Over $3 Billion - The founding team has personally been responsible for having issued over $3b to small and midsize businesses via a plethora of financing products.


Strong Partnership - Our experience and success in this space has been a byproduct of firm relationships built over the years. GuideRock customers now get to leverage those relationships to secure the best financial product for their business.


Care and Dedication - We care about business owners. Every member of the founding team grew up in households of small business owners. We understand the energy and sacrifice you put into your business, and we only want to make your life easier.


Honesty and Transparency - Last, but most importantly, we understand that business financing can be confusing and at worst predatory. We stand by our commitment to get you the best available options and give you the power to choose what's best for you.

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